Brock Fencing Open 2017

Hosted by the Brock University Varsity Fencing Team and Niagara Swords Fencing Club

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Brock Fencing Open General Information

The Brock Open is sanctioned by the Ontario Fencing Association and the Canadian Fencing Federation. This event is worth CFF Domestic Points.

The Veteran, Cadet, Junior, Senior and U15 competitions are point gathering competitions; however weapons may be mixed if there are less then 6 participants in that event. This event is open to all classifications.

All participants are required to have a CFF Fencing License. You may purchase/renew your license via the Canadian Fencing Federation website in real time:

USFA members must show a valid USFA membership card

All fencers are REQUIRED to wear a sous plastron and fencing pants. All foil fencers are required to have a conductive foil bib. Y12 and Y10 fencers must wear a sous plastron, but do not require a conductive foil bib. Y12 and Y10 fencers are not required to wear fencing pants. Track pants are accepted, but no shorts, non-athletic pants and pockets.

This competition will be run according to current FIE regulations. The Directoire Technique reserves the right to apply or modify these regulations as they see fit as according to section t.15 of the FIE Rules.

All clubs are asked to bring at least one complete set of scoring equipment (more if possible) and if possible a referee or referee candidate.


Competition Starts

18.11.2017 08:00 -100 Days


Fencing Time